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"Best Sub Shop", City Link 2006
Quality ingredients and service speak for themselves at any eatery, and they say everything about LaSpada's. City Link Magazine, Best of 2006

"Best Sub Shop", City Link 2005
No one does it like LaSpada's, and no one does it as well. City Link Magazine, Best of 2005

ZAGAT AWARD 2002-2004
"Mouthwatering" Italian submarine sandwiches surface at these counter-serve shops, causing incredible lines out the door at lunch hours or before games; hero-worshipers hail the Philly-type sandwiches dressed with "sweet and spicy peppers" as "the best damn hoagies in town" -no matter what you call them, they torpedo the competition. Zagat Survey

"True Hoagies at LaSpada's"
Dining Review, January 8, 2004, Miami Herald

"Best Sub Shop", City Link 2003
We walked into the Laspadaís on University Drive in Davie one Saturday and found it as we usually find it at high noon: A line snaked along the main counter, around the back wall and out toward the front door. But more notable than the line ó and how quickly it moved ó was the game of catch played by two of the five guys working the submaking assembly line that day. A guy on one end had just sliced a short slab of cold cuts, and instead of handing them off to the guy next to him to be topped with fresh vegetables, he tossed the patty across an eight-foot counter to a guy who caught it in a hoagie roll. Now thatís confidence, and itís not something youíre likely to see at the competing franchises. While the whimsies (and efficiency) of the sandwichmakers keep the line from becoming dull, the tasty subs keep people coming back. City Link Magazine, Best of 2003

2003 Reader's Choice Awards
Best Subs: LaSpada's Original Hoagies. Miami Herald

"Best Sub Shop", City Link 2002
It's usually impolite to brag, but there's a difference between bragging and telling it like it is. LaSpada's claims to have the "best damn hoagies in town", and you won't get an argument from us or the regulars that pack the three shops. City Link Magazine

2001 Top 100 Dining Guide
Johnny Vinczencz, Executive Chef
Q: Where do you go on a night off?
LaSpada's Original Hoagies, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. It's a sandwich shop. It's been there since 1973. They have four or five guys working in there and no matter what time I go, there's always a line. You just yell out what you want... It's great to see just a regular restaurant that still does things the way they're supposed to be done. It's really quality. Sun-Sentinel

A hungry crowd fills the Davie store.

Small Roast Beef, Ham, and Turkey Breast Combo- Mmmm, Look at those hot peppers!

Hoagies being built at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

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